Summer Therapeutic Intensives 2021
Our program offers:
  • Highly trained staff including expert athletes and educational specialists
  • Dynamic curriculum that keeps every child moving and learning, in a non-competitive and motivating environment
  • Activities are designed to specifically target areas like physical coordination, strength balance, speed, endurance, self confidence, self regulation, etc
  • Dynamic and flexible lesson structure, depending on the interests and strengths of each child in the group
  • Professional grade athletic facility and equipment 
  • Activities that include sports, music, ice skating, and more.

MOCO Summer Adventure 2021:

Introducing MOCO Therapeutic Intensives!!

MOCO Movement Center will be offering therapeutic summer intensives for again this year!

If you are interested in our summer intensives please reach out to us:

Get Excited For:

Friendship & Fun Adventure: Social participation and relationship-building skills. Intensives - 2021 Dates to be determind. 

Back-2-School: Gross motor, fine motor, social, and cognitive skills for school readiness. 2021 Dates to be determined


All MOCO therapeutic intensives will run from 9 a.m. - noon., with an optional extended care option from 12 -3 p.m. each day. The extended care from 12- 3 p.m. will be staffed by our highly trained therapy aides. The afternoon will not be a therapeutic program, but the aides will be aware of your child's goal area and will offer supported opportunities for motor, social, and cognitive activities. 

Our approach hinges on

4 main components:


  • Non-competitive and success-driven environment

  • Progressive skill acquisition process

  • Use of state-of-the-art facilities and equipment

  • Highly-qualified staff and expert instruction