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Friendship & Fun Adventure Intensive Summer 2021



The MOCO Social Skills Intensive is a FUN and therapeutic group program perfect for enhancing your child’s social, communication, and play participation skills.  We have created an interdisciplinary program based on the DIR Floortime model. Our therapy staff will implement structured group activities while addressing your child’s specific, individual needs and functional goals. Our program is staffed by occupational, speech, and physical therapists, as well as highly trained therapy aides who are there to give your child the 1 on 1 support they need to maximize their experience. We are able to target underlying skills in sensory processing, engagement, regulation, speech articulation, adaptive communication, coordination, and postural control in order to support relationship building, social participation, functional communication, play, and academic/pre-academic skills. Our therapy team will supply your family with a transitional plan at the end of camp so that you and your family can use your child’s momentum from camp to continue making gains at home.


When is MOCO Social Skills Intensive?

To Be Determined


What is DIR Floortime?

DIR Floortime is a therapy approach that focuses on relationship building and developmental skill development while emphasizing the individual needs of each child. This type of therapy allows therapists to capitalize on the individual interests and skills of each child to foster meaningful development of social and communication skills. A floortime approach often works best when used consistently and intensively. The Floortime model makes special consideration of sensory processing needs, motor skills, and cognitive skills that may be impacting emotional and social development.


Why is a physical therapist at a Social Intensive Program?

Children with social skill challenges often have difficulties with coordination, postural control, or strength that make it difficult for them to participate with peers. Our therapists will assess any difficulties and provide support and interventions to support participation.


How will you design my child’s program?

We will first meet your child and complete a screening of their skills, as well as ask you for your personal goals for camp. We will use the information we gather through the screening process to identify clear functional goals for the week and to identify treatment approaches that will be most useful to your child. Our therapists will assess progress toward goals each day and will update the plan throughout the week as your child makes gains.


Is MOCO Social Intensive right for my child?

This is appropriate for children who:

  • Have challenges with peer interaction or social participation

  • Is able to remain in a group activity with support (up to 1:4 ratio for certain activities)

  • Follow one-step directions

  • Do not demonstrate physical aggression toward other children

In order to ensure your child fits the guidelines, please call to schedule a screening with us and we will help you decide!

How much does this program cost?

MOCO will work with your family to help you understand the cost of which you will be responsible. MOCO Movement Center will assist you with insurance pre-authorizations and claim submissions for all morning therapeutic intensive sessions. Reimbursement rates vary among insurance plans and some may not reimburse for therapeutic intensives.  Once your insurance claims have been processed, we will reconcile the amounts paid by insurance, either directly to you or to MOCO Movement Center, and determine if a refund or additional payment is required.


Ready to Enroll in a Summer Intensive?

Email with your child’s name and age, and with the name and dates of the intensive(s) in which you are interested. We look forward to seeing you and your child at MOCO this summer!

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