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We invite you and your family to start classes at MOCO Movement Center. 









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All Classes:

Children use thought, strength, and balance on giant obstacle courses designed with oversized blocks, tight-rope-style lines, trampolines, and suspension equipment to acquire foundational skills, including self-confidence and social interaction, and build sport and fitness skills.

Classes provide a unique structured, child-driven curriculum guided by our highly-trained staff including expert athletes, medical and educational specialists! Our dynamic curriculum keeps every child moving and learning in a non-competitive and motivating environment.
MOCO Classes Offer:
•    Activities specifically designed to target areas like physical coordination, strength, balance, speed, endurance, self confidence, self regulation, etc.
•    Dynamic/flexible lesson structure, depending on the interests and strengths of each child in the group
•    Professional grade athletic facility and equipment

•    Activities enhancing self-confidence and social interaction
•    Basic and intermediate sports strategies and techniques
•    Movement skills required to participate in various activities
•    Stimulating an ongoing desire to participate in sports and fitness

Classes are designed for children who work well in a 4 to 1 ratio and are both physically independent and socially able to work within a group.


Classes are not designed to focus on therapeutic goals. Therapeutic options are available, please let us know if your child needs additional support.



Sports Fundamentals

(ages 4-12)

Prepping your child to get on the right track with a variety of sports. Each class focuses on the fundamental movement skills of each sport. 

**This does not need to be competitive, sometimes its just for fun! ***

Move and Groove

(ages 5 and under)

Led by Mr. Ryan and Miss Autumn

Music and movement class designed to encourage a child's natural musical abilities in a safe, fun and supportive environment while exercising. Classes are divided into a class for children under two years of age and children ages two to five years old. Children, along with a parent or guardian, will be encouraged to sing, dance, climb on oversized blocks, roll down inclined mats, shake shakers, bang drums and toss scarves around. Instruments provided including castanets, triangles, guitar, boomwhackers, electric guitars, a drum kit, keyboard and many more.  

Kids in Motion

(Ages 6 months- 5 years)

Led by Miss. Taffany

Children and caregivers participate in early learning and preschool activities while having fun in our obstacle course inspired gym.  From circle time to the big adventure, our weekly themes incorporate movement, toy exploration and learning.  Infants, toddlers, and preschoolers participate in strength and balance activates to acquire functional skills such as crawling, walking, jumping and climbing and dancing. 

MOCO Motion

(ages 4-12)

Participants use strength and balance on giant obstacle courses designed with over-sized blocks, tightrope-style lines, trampoline and suspension equipment to find novel and innovative ways to strengthen their bodies and push their limits. Trained instructors tailor classes to each child and help them acquire foundational skills such as jumping, skiipping, climbing and running necessary to safely participate in a wide variety of physical activities in their daily lives. ***

Sporty Tots

(Ages 2-5 years old)

Led by Miss. Taffany

A movement class that focuses on foundational sports skills for toddlers. Introduction to ball skills (throwing, catching, kicking..), stick  handling within context of baseball, basketball, and soccer. 

Tumblin' Tykes

( Ages 18 months- 3 years old)

Led by Miss Taffany

MOCO Tumblin’ Tykes classes will get your children rolling into movement!  The class teaches basic tumbling skills helping children develop balance, coordination, gross and fine motor skills, spatial awareness and body control.

Caregivers will be taught how to properly spot their child while they perform forward rolls, traverse the monkey bars, balance on beams, and jump on a trampoline.  Safety during activities will be reinforced as parents learn how to confidently allow their children to move and explore. 

During each 45 minute class, children will also work on preschool skills including learning colors, numbers, and following directions. Social interaction will be also be encouraged. 

Classes at MOCO are the perfect way to keep your kids moving!

*Toddler Class (45 minutes): $100/month (30 day cancellation)

*Evening/Weekend Classes (1 hour): $450/ 15 week session


* Sign up within a week of your trial class and receive 20% off

**Make-up classes available


Class Sessions:

​ To Be Determined 

   June 2021



*Pro-rated for alternative start dates

**Missed MOCOmotion and Sport's Fundamentals classes at the Nicholson Lane location can be made up in the week they are missed. Make-up's are not available for specialty classes at off-site locations.

*** In order to ensure that your child benefits from their participation in the class, prior to enrolling, MOCO requires your child to attend a free 30 minute consult. Once the consult is completed, a recommendation will be made for your child's best fit.


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