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Back-2-School: School Readiness

Summer Intensive 2021

Motor, Social, and Executive Function Skills Therapy Intensive


The MOCO Movement Center Back 2 School Therapy Intensive targeting social, gross motor, and executive function skills is a FUN therapeutic group program perfect for transitioning your child from the summer to school mindset.  We have created an interdisciplinary program addressing your child’s specific, individual needs and functional goals to prepare your child for the first day of school and facilitate the re-entry back into student life.  This program provides your child with the opportunity to practice and improve upon the functional skills and daily routines of school. Our intensive program is staffed by occupational, speech, and physical therapists, as well as highly trained therapy aides who are there to give your child the 1 on 1 support they need to maximize their experience. We are able to focus on the following skills to support success in self-care/classroom routines, social participation, cooperative play, art, and academic/pre-academic areas: coordination, motor planning, balance, postural control, fine motor, visual motor, social, functional communication, self-regulation, attention, and organization. Our therapy team will supply your family with a transitional plan at the end of the program so that you and your family can use your child’s momentum from Back 2 School to continue making gains as the new school year begins.

How does the Back 2 School program look?

At Back 2 School,  your child will participate in various structured and unstructured group and individual activities for 3 hours each day from 9am-12 with an emphasis on following daily routines and directions, playing games, and completing fun activities.  Our dynamic therapists and therapy aides will provide a custom program for your child and 1 on 1 support throughout the day. Extra support for gross motor, visual motor, self-regulation, and communication challenges will be available for children as appropriate to their needs.


How will you design my child’s program?

We will first meet your child and complete a screening of their abilities and skills, as well as ask you for your personal goals for the Back 2 School program. We will use the information we gather through the screening process to identify clear functional goals for the week of the program and to identify treatment approaches that will be most useful to your child. Our therapists will assess progress toward goals each day and will update the plan throughout the week as your child makes gains.


Why should my child participate in a summer intensive focused on returning to school?

When your child is surrounded by other children, the difficult transition from the freedom of summer vacation to the structure, expectations, and demands of school can be eased and made fun by playing, sharing, and learning together in a safe environment. Group activities are motivating and children are able to help each other and learn from each other as they brush up on old skills and attempt new skills. Your child will be individually engaged and challenged to increase her/his independence and achieve her/his maximum functional potential.


Is the Back 2 School program right for my child?

The Back 2 School  intensive is appropriate for children who:

  • Is turning 5 or older prior to June 2021

  • Have coordination, balance, and/or strength challenges interfering with climbing up/down the school bus steps, navigating the playground, or participating in sports

  • Have trouble interacting with others (expressing wants, needs, and feelings, making friends, taking turns, sharing, etc.)

  • Have difficulty with grasping tools (drawing, cutting) or opening/closing supplies for (gluing) for arts and crafts

  • Have difficulty with handwriting legibility

  • Have trouble with daily routines, sitting still during circle time, and transitions between activities

  • Struggle with following directions, initiating tasks, maintaining attention, processing new information, remembering details, regulating emotions, planning, and staying organized

  • Do not demonstrate consistent/frequent aggressive behaviors toward peers (such as hitting, biting, etc)


To ensure that your child fits the Back to School guidelines, call to schedule a screening with us and we will help you decide!


This sounds great! Can my child come for more than one week?

YES! Many children benefit from more than 1 week of the intensive. Your child can attend as many weeks as you would like.


How much does it cost?

MOCO will work with your family to help you understand the cost for which you will be responsibel. MOCO Movement Center will assist you with insurance pre-authorizations and claim submissions for all morning therapeutic intensive sessions. Reimbursement rates vary among insurance plans and some may not reimburse for therapeutic intensives.  Once your insurance claims have been processed, we will reconcile the amounts paid by insurance, either directly to you or to MOCO Movement Center, and determine if a refund or additional payment is required.


Ready to Enroll?

Email with your child’s name and age, and with the name and dates of the intensive in which you are interested. We look forward to seeing you and your child at MOCO this summer!

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