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Providing Clinical Therapy

with Real-World Application






Applied Functional Therapy Disciplines:

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Speech-Language Therapy

Early Intervention

Applied Functional Therapy TM


MOCO's proprietary method, Applied Functional Therapy TM, helps your child achieve better functional outcomes.

By taking evidence-based pediatric therapy out of the clinic and integrating it into real life activities, no child misses out on social engagement while they spend time in therapy. With a synthetic ice rink, climbing walls, agility courses, music studio, and access to so much more - we find something for every child to connect with.

We have seen the benefits that come from creating an ever-changing, adaptable environment where children can play side-by-side with their peers. We provide cutting-edge and effective therapy.

Therapists work with your child on foundational skills in MOCO Movement Center and then take them out in the “field” where the child can practice real-life skills needed to participate with their community, peers, and family in places such as a climbing center, ice skating rink, playground, hiking path, music and art studio.

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