Private and Group Interactive Virtual Sessions

Welcome to our new set of virtual interactive classes and private sessions! 


We are now offering a variety of classes through our interactive platform. In each session, your child, their class leader, and the other children in the class will be able to see, hear, and interact with each other. This will provide a safe, supported way for your child to get some social time while also engaging their brains and bodies in a guided, skill-building activity.


We have offerings appropriate for all ages and for many interests. Our program development is ongoing. Please contact us if you would like us to consider including a service that would be helpful to your family. 


Click the links below to learn more about each of our current offerings: 


All sessions will be scheduled for 30 mins:

1 child private session - $50.00 

2 children enrolled- $35 per person
3 to 4 children enrolled- $25.00 per person

5-6 children enrolled- $15.00 per person

7 or more children enrolled $10.00 per person

*** There are class-size caps on some class types. Please check the class you are interested in to find the class size recommendations.****

Call us to request try-it coupon codes and special discounts on multiple-session packs.