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Move and Imagine
Watercolor Butterfly 8

Class Description:

Get your child's mind and body working together in our interactive Move and Imagine classes. Sessions will focus on developing creativity and movement skills using the power of the imagination. The class leader will guide the children through an imaginary scenario and pair purposeful movements with elements of the story. Through our interactive video platform, your child will see, hear, and interact with their class leader and peers who attend the session. Your child and their peers will be able to collaborate with the leader to navigate their shared imaginary experience. The leader will be able to give feedback and encouragement to your child. Your child will also be able to participate directly with peers who attend the session, making class a safe, supported, online social experience.. Invite your child's classmates, friends from the neighborhood, or other peers they are missing while they are stuck at home. Contact us to schedule an individual or group session! 

Age Range: Recommended for 3 years and up

Skills Targeted:

coordination, body awareness, creativity/ideation, attention, strength, endurance, motor planning, social skills, coping skills/anxiety management

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