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Andrea Santman, PT, DPT

Founder and CEO

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Andrea founded MOCO Movement Center with the philosophy of taking pediatric therapy out of the clinic and into the real world.  Her dream was to create a fully inclusive environment where therapy was so much fun that patients wouldn’t know they are receiving therapy.  A facility where a child could receive world class therapy services alongside a sibling or peer taking a sports class. This led her to create a center equipped with a synthetic ice rink, a basketball court, exciting obstacle courses, and a 15 foot climbing wall and simulated playground, where a child could be offered endless opportunities to reach his or her goals.  


As passionate as Andrea is about inclusion, Andrea is uncompromising in ensuring that her patients receive the very best in evidence-based, world class therapy services.  Andrea has practiced as a pediatric physical therapist in the Washington area since 1986 in a variety of settings including hospitals, schools, research facilities and private practice. She has also been fortunate to have interned, and worked side by side with some of the world’s leading therapists and researchers, which has allowed her to develop her unique approach.  


Andrea holds a B.S. in physical therapy from Boston University, Sargeant College, a Master of Science degree from the University of Indianapolis, and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Marymount University.  Andrea completed a fellowship in pediatrics at the Georgetown University Hospital Child Development Center, received NDT Certification, and received certification as a PT Pediatric Certified Specialist from the APTA.  Andrea always brings the latest research and advances to her practice and has published and presented her research in the United States and abroad.  

Our Valued Team

MOCO Movement Center sees amazing advances everyday thanks to our highly-skilled team of Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Social Workers, Aides, Class Teachers, Administrative staff, and our beloved Scout.  Our MOCO family shares Andrea's passion for connecting families to the world around them.  

Meet our team.

Therapy Dog


Scout was born on a rural farm in PA and came to the DC Metro Area with high aspirations but uncertain as to what path he will take. He took an early interest in retrieving balls of all kinds with a particular preference for tennis balls. Not knowing one day how useful this hobby would become. After the three girls who helped raise him left home and went off to college, Scout sought out a career path he would find fulfilling. When he came into MOCO for the first time it was love at first sight. It was not just the barrel of tennis balls but the kids who would shower him with attention and engage in his favorite activity of fetch. He also has tremendous insight into people's feelings and can immediately sense a person's sense of anxiety, fear or other discomfort and will do anything he can do to brighten their day. Scout looks forward to many more years at MOCO and hoping one day to achieve a promotion to the ranks of management. 

administrative team


Speech Therapist

New Speech Therapist starting soon.


Tracy loves working at MOCO. Watching amazing therapists and aides take clients where they never imagined puts a smile on her face everyday!


Ceci attends Montgomery College and is working towards her associates degree. She wants to pursue a degree in the medical field. She heard about MOCO through her family friends and decided this is where she wants to be.  Ceci loves being with her family and enjoys the outdoors. 

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Brynn is from Montville, NJ. She graduated in the Spring 2021 from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology. She is interested in becoming a Physical Therapist. Brynn works as a therapy aide and is also an administrative assistant for the MOCO front desk. 

Brynn loves being active! She enjoys anything that involves being outside and around friends!! Fun Fact:  Brynn has two different size feet! One is a 9 and the other is a 7.5!

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Karina is from Adelphi, MD and graduated from the University of Maryland in 2020 . She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and Psychology and would like to pursue a masters degree in nursing.  Karina has always had a passion for working with children.  Once she saw MOCO, she instantly fell in love! 

In her free time Karina enjoys pottery, reading mystery novels, and basketball.

Fun Fact: When Karina went to India in 2008, she was attacked by a wild monkey at the Elephanta Caves. The monkey stole her soda and ran away!


NaToya enjoys being at MOCO

Movement Center helping children and their families. 

She loves the supportive environment at  MOCO.  She has a child with special needs and understands the importance of great therapists, positivity and hope.   




Taryn grew up in Arlington, Virginia and completed her masters degree in occupational therapy at Ithaca College. She is currently pursuing a clinical doctorate in OT with Thomas Jefferson University. Taryn spent the first 4 years of her career working with children and adults at the Medstar National Rehabilitation Hospital where she specialized in treating patients with acquired neurological conditions. After a year teaching in the Ithaca College OT program in western NYS, she was thrilled to return home to the DC area! Taryn loves playing outside, hiking, kayaking, camping, and playing rugby. She is excited to be working at MOCO!


Caroline grew up in Malverne, New York. She received her Masters of Occupational Therapy at Columbia University in 2012. Throughout her career she had a strong interest and experience in neurology, movement disorders, postural control, cognition, and wheelchair seating. Her educational background also includes certification as an elementary education and special education teacher as well as a Child Life Specialist. She has worked in many environments as an OT including acute rehabilitation and in the hospital environment. As a therapist she greatly values maximizing functional success in a natural environment. "MOCO is an environment that aligns with these values and kid's most important job... PLAY!" During her free time she spends time with her family, helping her daughter explore the world, running, and teaching barre classes. Fun Fact: Caroline once walked around the entire island of Manhattan (30 miles) in one day!


Tanya grew up in Chicago, Illinois and moved to DC. She has two masters degrees. She graduated from Towson University with an Occupational Therapy Degree. Tanya has been involved with MOCO for many years now. During her free time, after keeping busy with her children, Tanya likes to read, travel, play tennis, run, and listen to music. 


Fun fact: Tanya lived in Belgrade, Serbia for 2.5 years. 


Emily graduated from Ithaca College....twice! She first graduated in 2018 with her Bachelor's degree and then graduated in 2019 with her Master's in Occupational Therapy. Emily heard about MOCO and completed her field work here as a student in 2019. She loved the atmosphere so much that she decided to come back! Her hobbies include fitness and strength sports. She is currently training in olympic weightlifting for her health and for fun (not for any titles!). She is self-taught at acoustic guitar and the ukulele. She has always loved singing/ performing. Emily grew up in central New Jerey. Fun fact: Emily considered purusing Classical Music Vocal Performance as a double major but ultimately decided it was not her dream. She still has a soft spot for opera, show tunes and creating music for fun!

Timi picture.jpeg

Occupational Therapist

Timi was born in Florida, then lived in the mid-west most of her life with Chicago being the most recent location.   She graduated in May 2019 with a Clinical Doctorate in Occupational Therapy from Creighton University and also has a Bachelor's degree in Therapeutic Recreation. She is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. 

Timi became interested in MOCO when she realized that to her, it found the perfect balance between recreation, play, and therapy! Timi’s hobbies include traveling abroad (pre-covid), spending time with family, cooking, and going on nature walks.


Juliana pic.jpg

Speech Therapist

Juliana is from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland and a Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology from George Washington University. She is passionate about AAC, early intervention, and bilingualism.

She enjoys gardening, hiking and cooking with friends. 


Fun fact:  Juliana has 2 pet rabbits! They are cute, intelligent and easy to train.


Speech Therapist

Stephanie received her B.S in Animal Science from Cornell University where her involvement in an animal-assisted therapy program sparked a career change. After gaining extensive knowledge using the DIR/Floortime TM model and the Affect-Based Language Curriculum(ABLC), she obtained her M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology from Towson University. She now strives to address a child's communication needs in combination with their sensory processing profile and social-emotional level. Come and watch poetry in motion as Stephanie engages her clients in Speech and Language-based work while climbing the obstacle courses, swing on a trapeze, or throw balls at targets in elaborate games of their collaborative construction. Stephanie is a native of Washington,is fluent in French,and  trained in PROMPT. In  her free time, She enjoys snowboarding, soccer, and spending time with her dogs.


Kim graduated in 1989 with her undergraduate degree and in 2000 with her Master's in Speech-Language Pathology degree from The George Washington University. Her hobbies include yoga, reading, and hiking. Kim is originally from Brookeville, Maryland.  She loves Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain. Fun fact: erKim is a yoga teach.


Speech Therapist

New Speech Therapist starting soon.


Speech Therapist

New Speech Therapist starting soon.

movement aides & interns


Avi grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland and has a degree in culinary management. Avi is pursing his passion for PTA school. Avi started out in Pediatrics over 8 years ago and joined MOCO. Avi likes making things, cooking, and hiking in his free time.


Fun Fact: Avi has always wondered what Dogs would say if they could talk back to us.


​Charles enjoys hiking, kayaking, and video games and he aspires to one day become an occupational therapist!


Erin grew up in Germantown, Maryland and went to Indiana University of Pennsylvania for her undergraduate degree in child development and family relations in May 2018. Erin came came to MOCO in order to pursue her interest in speech therapy. During her free time she dances. Fun fact: Erin has been dancing since she was 2 years old!

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Sarah grew up in Olney, Maryland and received her undergraduate degree at St. Joseph's University in Interdisciplinary Health Science in 2018. Sarah came to MOCO to pursue her interest in Speech Language Pathology. Sarah likes to paint, play lacrosse, hike, and watch her brothers play sports in her free time. 

Fun Fact: Sarah played lacrosse at the ESPN Wide World of Sports for the Rise games and came in 3rd place out of about 40 teams.


Nick grew up in Bethesda, Maryland and goes to Georgetown University. He is pursing his undergraduate degree in Human Science. Nick came to MOCO to pursue his passion for physical therapy. During his free time he reads, plays soccer and plays video games. Fun fact: Nick has veins on his left wrist that form the letter N like his name. He can also fold his tongue in half. Nick is a dual citizen of Poland and the US!


Brynn started her career with MOCO Movement Center as a therapeutic aide in January 2021


Alexa grew up in Gaithersburg, Maryland. She graduated May 2019 from Mount St. Mary's University in Emmitsburg, MD with a bachelors degree in psychology and a minor in elementary education and human services. She is currently taking post-baccalaureate courses and applying for OT programs. She learned about MOCO through a child she worked with at a camp. Alexa likes to travel, and read. 

Fun Fact: Alexa was cheerleading captain in college and cheered at March Madness!


Elaine started her career with MOCO Movement Center as a therapeutic aide in June 2019


Rachel started her career with MOCO Movement Center as a therapeutic aide in March 2020

Brendan pic.jpg

Brendan started his career with MOCO Movement Center as a therapeutic aide in January 2020.


Christina started her career with MOCO Movement Center as a therapeutic aide in February 2021


Abby started her career with MOCO Movement Center as a therapeutic aide in February 2021


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Straight out of Watkins Mill High Ms.Taffany was so inspired by her child development teacher so much she opened her own home day care called "Playing is Learning" for six years before closing to the remolding of her home. She then went on to teach many children in the Montgomery County area. She's instructed at some of your kid friendly places with the same bright smile she has had for years.

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