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  • Emily Grossi

What is AAC?

AAC is an acronym for augmentative and alternative communication. AAC can be used along with speech, and/or provide a different means of communication than speaking.

Most often people think of complex communication devices or communication books when discussing AAC. However, there are many forms of AAC such as sign language, gestures, communication apps, communication books, writing, typing, and communication devices.

Some people use AAC as their primary mode of communication - whether they are non-speaking, predominantly non-speaking, or speech is not always (or ever) their preference. AAC is an invaluable tool for autonomous communication for many different people across the lifespan, for many different reasons.

In everyday life, most, if not all of us, use some form of AAC - such as texting, typing an email, writing a note, or using gestures while speaking.

If you think your child may benefit from AAC to support their speech and language development and communication, any of our speech language pathologists and occupational therapists would be happy to answer your questions, and/or direct you to relevant resources.

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