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Practice your therapeutic

goals at MOCO.

Score Your Goals

Parent/Child Open Gym Guided by Therapist

Requirements: Enrollment requires caregiver participation. Eligibility for this program is dependent on the therapist recommendation and your child must have a current therapy Plan of Care from MOCO or elsewhere (including IEP) and therapeutic goals that have already been established.

When you and your child enroll in SYG, a MOCO therapist will review their therapeutic goals and suggest activities for you and your child to engage in throughout the MOCO space to meet those goals. In addition, the therapist may suggest activities for you to apply to your child's home and weekly activities.

During the session the therapist will be on site to monitor and adjust the activities. However, throughout the session, caregiver’s are directly responsible for their child while they engage in assigned activities. MOCO's staff will assist children through spotting and encouragement.


Parent/Child Open Gym Guided by Therapist


Available at Main Location


Class time, 1 hour

$400 for 8 week session

No make-ups or refunds for missed sessions


Score Your Goal


  • Therapists review participates goals and suggests activities in the MOCO space and at home to meet those goals

  • Parent's are directly responsible for the kids movement through assigned activities

  • Aides assist children, spotting & encouragement

  • Therapist meets with parent & child for one activity, 10 minutes per activity

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