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Personal Training


MOCO is now offering private Personal Training sessions. Get the 1:1 support, provided by our AFT trained coaches, while working on essential movement skills.  

Personal Training

All personal training sign-ups require a short consultation.

Personal training sessions are 1:1.

We offer open enrollment.


Personal training is perfect for children who need to work on specific skills or strengthening and cannot perform in a group setting or prefer an intimate learning style. Our therapists will design a program for your personal trainer to follow after the first session. Personal training sessions are a great way to develop or learn a new skill.

MOCO Personal Training Offers:
•    Activities specifically designed to target areas like physical coordination, strength, balance, speed, endurance, self confidence, self regulation, etc.
•    Dynamic/flexible lesson structure, depending on the interests and strengths of each child in the group
•    Professional grade athletic facility and equipment

•    Activities enhancing self-confidence and social interaction
•    Basic and intermediate sports strategies and techniques
•    Movement skills required to participate in various activities
•    Stimulating an ongoing desire to participate in sports and fitness

Personal training sessions are not designed to focus on therapeutic goals and cannot be submitted to insurance. Therapeutic options are available, please let us know if your child needs additional support.

MOCO Movement Center offers a variety of options for our personal training sessions.

Ages, all

Session length, 1 hour

$100 per session

24 hour cancellation notice or $35 no show fee applies

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