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Class Description:

With school closed, let one of our MOCO team members be your child's homework helper. Homework helpers will sit with your child to support and encourage them while they complete their distance learning activities. Schedule individually for one on one homework support, or invite your child's classmates to join a group homework session together. Through our interactive video platform, your child will see, hear, and interact with their helper throughout the class. The helper will be able to provide feedback and encouragement to keep your child focused and engaged. Your child will also be able to participate directly with peers who attend the session, making this class a safe, supported, online social experience. Contact us to schedule an individual or group session! 

Specialized Helpers Currently Available:

Sarah Northern

Nick Potocki

Erin Michel

Alexa Gonzales

Age Range: Recommended for 5 years and up, tailored to grade level

Skills Targeted:

attention, executive function, content-specific knowledge and skills, study skills, self-directed learning skills

Homework Helpers
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