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Fun & Food Exploration: Social Skills/SOS Feeding 

Social Skills Program with SOS Feeding:

The MOCO social skills progrsm is a FUN and therapeutic group program perfect for enhancing your child’s social and feeding skills. We have created an interdisciplinary program based in the DIR Floortime model and the SOS feeding program. Our therapy staff will implement structured group activities while addressing your child’s specific, individual needs and functional goals. Our program is staffed by occupational, speech, and physical therapists, as well as highly trained therapy aides who are there to give your child the 1 on 1 support they need to maximize their experience. We are able to target underlying skills in sensory processing, engagement, regulation, coordination, and postural control in order to support self-feeding, eating, and healthy relationships with food. Our therapy team will supply your family with a transitional plan at the end of the intensive program so that you and your family can use your child’s momentum from this program to continue making gains at home.


When is MOCO Social Skills and SOS Feeding Intensive?

This program will be offered July 29-August 2. The SOS feeding week is perfect for children who are having difficulty with food restriction (picky eating), food refusal (not eating enough), choking/aspiration, and/or aversions to foods. You may decide to also take part in the Social Skills or Back-2-School readiness programs for additional social skills support. Space is limited in each week.


What is the SOS approach to feeding?

SOS stands for “sequential oral sensory” which emphasizes the whole body, multidisciplinary approach to feeding difficulties.  The SOS approach has a strong foundation in recognizing the physical demands of eating, oral motor skills required to manage a variety of textures, and sensory processing abilities necessary to explore novel foods while respecting the child’s individual differences.


What is different about the SOS approach to feeding from other interventions?

Feeding difficulties have typically been treated using primarily a behavioral approach.  A child is provided a reward after eating a non-preferred food. Unfortunately, research has shown that treating feeding disorders as a behavioral issue does not lead to long term gains.  The SOS approach is different in that it follows the typical developmental progression. Skills are mastered so that they are generalizable across a variety of contexts, increasing a child’s comfort with food at home, school, and in the community.


What are the steps to eating, and how can I expect my child to progress?

We often think of eating as a two step process, but research has found that there are 32 individual steps!  Foods are introduced individually by the therapist within a playful context. The child is supported in first visually tolerating the food all the way to tasting and chewing.  


How are social skills incorporated into the program?

Feeding intervention using the SOS model will be provided within a group context.  Eating is often a social activity, and we want our children to enjoy that aspect of mealtime as well.  


What if my child has food allergies or sensitivities?

Each child will be individually assessed in order to determine appropriateness for the program setting and to identify relevant goals.  At that time, please share with us any food allergies or sensitivities your child may have so that appropriate alternatives can be provided.  As always, MOCO is a nut-free environment.


Is MOCO SOS Feeding Program right for my child?

The program is appropriate for children who:

  • Have challenges with feeding including: picky/restricted eating, poor intake/not eating enough food, difficulty with chewing or swallowing, difficulty with social behaviors around meals

  • Is able to remain in a group activity with support (up to 1:4 ratio for certain activities)

  • Follow verbal directions

  • Do not demonstrate physical aggression toward other children

  • Are able to safely feed by mouth for at least some textures

If you are unsure of whether your child fits the guidelines, schedule a screening with us and we will help you decide!


How much does the program cost?

On May 1, 2019 a deposit of $750.00 will be charged for each week your child is enrolled in MOCO’s Therapeutic Summer Intensive, with an additional charge of $350.00 for each week if you choose to enroll in extended care. MOCO Movement Center will assist you with insurance pre-authorizations and claim submissions for all morning therapeutic intensive sessions. Reimbursement rates vary among insurance plans and some may not reimburse for therapeutic intensives.  Once your insurance claims have been processed, we will reconcile the amounts paid by insurance, either directly to you or to MOCO Movement Center, and determine if a refund or additional payment is required.


Ready to Enroll?

Email with your child’s name and age, and with the program dates in which you are interested. We look forward to seeing you and your child at MOCO this summer!

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