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Big-Buddy Workouts

Class Description:

Are your kids missing their sports teams and P.E. classes? Big-Buddy Workouts are a great way to get your older child moving. Our MOCO movement coaches will design and lead individual and group workouts to target your child's personal strength, endurance, and coordination goals. Through our interactive video platform, your child and coach will see, hear, and interact with each other. The coach will be able to provide feedback and encouragement to maximize the training experience. Your child will also be able to participate directly with peers who attend the session, making class a safe, supported, online social experience. Friends can cheer each other on as they work out together. Invite your child's friends from school, sports teams, or other activities so they can interact with the people they are missing most. Contact us to schedule an individual or group session! 

Age Range: Recommended for 7 years and up

Skills Targeted:

coordination, body awareness, strength, postural control, core stability, endurance, agility, visual motor integration, attention, confidence

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