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STEP 1: Give us a call at (301)770-KIDS (5437) or send an email to

STEP 2: Our staff will answer your immediate questions & schedule your free initial consult.

STEP 3: Come to MOCO for your consult! We will provide options for therapeutic or non-therapeutic services that your child will benefit from.

STEP 4: Non-therapeutic services can be scheduled immediately. If your child needs therapeutic services, we will request your insurance information in order to complete a verification of benefits. Once completed, our billing team will call to explain your insurance benefits.

STEP 5: If you child has not received an evaluation in the past 6 months, we will need to schedule one before therapeutic sessions can begin. In order to accept a previous evaluation, it needs to contain both a plan of care and goals.

STEP 6: Your family decides how you would like to proceed with services. Call MOCO at (301)770-5437 to schedule your non-therapeutic services, therapeutic evaluation and/or therapeutic sessions.

STEP 7: Let our therapists, aides and staff get to know you and your child. The better we communicate and work together, the better we can serve your family.

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