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Start with MOCO as early as 0 - 3 years! Offering parents therapeutic and non-therapeutic services.

Early Intervention


At MOCO Movement Center our Early Intervention program focuses on children at the development critical ages of 0 - 3 years. We understand the importance working with your child on a daily basis to accomplish their milestone goals.  


Our early intervention trained pediatric therapists have years of experience in development, childhood skills/occupations, language development and social interactions that impact growth and learning. 


At MOCO, we use our expert knowledge of development in conjunction with the natural environment to encourage play and engage children to reach their developmental milestones. We work closely with parents and caregivers to develop goals, create plans of care and collaborate on strategies that support family and child-centered objectives, which encourage continued therapy even at home.


We utilize a variety of environments including playgrounds, home and other community settings to encourage participation and support generalization of skills across all areas and settings. Our goal is to help children reach their developmental milestones so that they can move and play more independently, build social relationships through play and communication, and successfully transition and participate in school activities with peers.

Early Intervention is Key, Don't Wait To See !

Early Intervention Disciplines:

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Speech-Language Therapy

Behavioral & Mental Health

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