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What is MOCO?

MOCO Movement Center is a fully inclusive pediatric therapy practice and athletic movement center. We offer movement classes for children of all ages and abilities and provide therapy services to support their function. MOCO's proprietary method, Applied Functional Therapy, takes evidence-based physical, occupational and speech therapy out of the clinic and integrates it into real life activities to help your child achieve better functional outcomes.

The magic 

of everyday movement

The MOCO Mission

MOCO Movement Center is committed to excellence and puts our patients and families first! That means staying on the cutting-edge of medical research and education, truly understanding your child’s goals, and adapting therapy to meet their specific needs. Showing families how to interact and grow in a real-world environment is our way of showing you that MOCO’s commitment does not end at our doors.  


Our Highly Motivated Team

All MOCO therapists come from some of the most distinguished graduate programs in the country. They specialize in different populations making sure that our team has the diversity and knowledge to work with a variety of children.

Our amazing movement aides have either attained or are pursuing degrees in health and related fields before advancing further to become therapists themselves! MOCO makes sure that our therapeutic facilitators are learning all they can before going off to professional programs.

Our team is consistently a part of weekly staff development and team meetings that enable our staff to work effectively as a team! Our therapists and aides work together to make your child's sessions as fun as possible while still working towards their goals.

Our staff at MOCO is committed to communicating with everyone involved in your child's development, including their physicians, school therapists, teachers and caregivers! We believe that everyone in the child's life is an integral part of their magic! 

New clients are always welcome at MOCO! 

If you would like to know more about our programs or schedule a new client visit, please get in touch with us today. 

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Heather C.

MOCO Motion Class

"This place is amazing! You can come to a class where the kids are actually moving for a full hour (no silly songs or having to sit!!) and your child will leave tired!! Great for high energy kids or those that get ants in their pants! Also they have full service therapy either to tweak a skill or work on something progressive! Excellent! Glad I found it!!"